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          Brand Publishing

          Brand Publishing

          The world of entertainment was rocked substantially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Untold numbers of projects and jobs became frozen in limbo (or worse) during the slowdown, but creativity and resilience – always hallmarks of the entertainment world – sparked silver linings.

          Corporate cybersecurity breaches have become more commonplace. With hundreds of thousands more employees working from home, with devices containing sensitive data leaving offices and entering homes at an exponential rate, those concerns have exponentially increased

          With much change in the air for 2021 – from the distribution of vaccines to the arrival of a new administration – it’s harder than ever to know what’s coming next and how businesses in virtually all industries should prepare for the months ahead. This roundtable discussion is designed to provide unique insights into business strategies for 2021.

          Los Angeles Times Brand Publishing is excited to announce the Los Angeles & Orange Counties Commercial Real Estate: Trends, Updates and 2021 Visionaries magazine, set to publish in May 2021.

          During this unprecedented year of pandemics and politics, our best side still emerges in our urge to give.

          The horror of the Night Stalker was brief but lasting. Serial killer Richard Ramirez’ proven Los Angeles murders and rapes spanned just 14 months in the mid 1980s. Yet the Night Stalker lingers. The shadow of his remarkable crimes and capture are evocatively recounted by detectives who pursued him and surviving victims in new docu-series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.

          Four of L.A.'s hottest chefs chat on a personal level about conceptualizing and preparing meals when they aren’t on the clock, from comfort food to shareable bites. Then, each offers up one exclusive recipe beloved by his friends and family.

          Thanks to smart pre-planning and a bit of good luck, Jennifer Kirkley-Vaughan’s stand-up paddle board and kayak rental business at Marina Beach isn’t just surviving the pandemic — it’s thriving.

          Cross the Atlantic on a quest for the most magnificent cheeses and the most idyllic surrounds. You’ll see the sights, profile the flavors, plunder delectable recipes, and discover just how versatile French cheeses can be in everyday cooking.

          Find out how three L.A. restauranteurs are innovating their way through a pandemic — and how, even as they struggle through unprecedented challenges for the hospitality industry, they are still finding time to give back.

          These 15 Angelenos sprang into action when COVID-19 hit L.A. They provide different services, but they share a common goal: to work tirelessly using their unique skill sets to help cushion the blow of this pandemic.

          Hydrogen fuel cell cars have arrived. These cutting-edge electric vehicles are the newest thing, but as it turns out, the zero-emissions tech that powers them isn’t so new. In fact, it has quite the historic pedigree.

          A retired detective from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, a former L.A. city prosecutor, and a wrongfully convicted South L.A. man explain how suspect-questioning and evidence-gathering really work.

          North beyond Santa Barbara, Highway 1 is the singular route to California at its best, with the scenic Central Coast unraveling before you as you drive toward Big Sur. Our curated interactive map is the definitive guide to just about everything the area’s best cities, towns, beaches, roadside pit-stops, wineries, hikes, farmers markets, wildlife viewing and much more.

          Australia is a closer and more affordable destination than many Angelenos might realize. A trip to New South Wales, home of Sydney, reveals the Land Down Under in all its glory. NSW has something for all types of travelers: beach bums, adventurers, wine enthusiasts and pretty much everyone else, too.

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