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          Latest Headlines

          State Laws, Politics & Policy

          California: Most read


          As coronavirus case numbers have dropped, seven California counties have moved from the purple tier into the more permissive red tier.

          The efforts target residents who live in low-income areas where homes are crowded — areas that have suffered high rates of disease and death from COVID-19.

          At a public event Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom said that even though some states have decided to relax their mask rules, Californians should double down on face coverings.

          Nine great apes at the San Diego Zoo are the first non-human primates to receive an experimental COVID-19 vaccine, zoo officials said Thursday.

          Almost a year has passed since Gordan and Diane Norman last saw each other in person — separated by Alzheimer’s and the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Local officials recently dismantled a Menlo Park encampment in marshlands near Facebook. But weeks later, its residents are moving back.

          The Northern California health provider said more doses were on the way after informing thousands their second vaccine shots had been canceled,

          Despite facing a budget shortfall, Los Angeles hasn’t applied for millions in reimbursements for money spent to house homeless people amid the pandemic.


          Housing & Homelessness

          The new Backyard Homes Project helps homeowners build an ADU. In exchange, owners make a key promise: Rent the granny flat to a low-income tenant.

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