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          Housing & Homelessness


          Top Headlines

          The county will keep 11 of its 12 Project Roomkey sites open through September, but budget constraints will keep it from expanding the program.

          The new Backyard Homes Project helps homeowners build an ADU. In exchange, owners make a key promise: Rent the granny flat to a low-income tenant.

          Three people were injured when an SUV drove through several tents in a homeless encampment and struck a fence in Brentwood.

          El Centro Cultural de Mexico in Santa Ana has let homeless people camp on its property. Volunteer Ben Vazquez asks why Orange County hasn’t done more to help those without housing.

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          Times Columnists

          1. A man with a PhD lost his six-figure job and became homeless. He asked strangers to foster his dog. When his story was told, help poured in and gave him what he needed to get back on his feet.

          2. Without help, a “perfect superstorm” of hardship is coming for Californians who are on the verge of losing their housing or who are already homeless.


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